• JDR-AHD-765
  • JDR-AHD-765
  • JDR-AHD-765


7inch 4CH HD Quad image monitor.

Shelf time: 2016-07-08

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Product overviewParameters

Product features:

★ Adopting 7 inch digital TFT LCD display.

★ Display resolution 1024*RGB*600.

★ Support 4CH AHD 720P (or 2 CH 720P+ 2CH 1080P).

★ Manually/automatically switch to display mode.

★ UP/Down and Left/Right image reversion.

★ 3CH camera triggers, when triggering, it will switch to the relevant camera image display automatically.

★ Support MAX 64G SD card Storage and SSD 256G(2.5inch)Storage.

★ 4 PIN connector or RCA connector.

★ 12V-32V wide voltage design, short circuit protection. Support DC 12V output for camera.

★ Convenient to install and use.

Application scenarios:

mainly used in vehicle monitoring systems.

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